View the specifications of our A319 aircraft

Discover more about the exclusive aircraft we dedicate to flying you personally around the world. Our specification list tells you all about our A319 aircraft, including the leading-edge technology that keeps you connected as you fly.



Capacity 19 guests Seating configuration 19
Sleeping configuration 15 (10 privates suites & 5 lie-flat beds) MMO M0.82
Crew 2 pilots min, 1 to 4 cabin crew Maximum range 3800 nm / 7000 km
Typical cruising speed M 0.82 / 420 kts /
870 km/h
Maximum cruising altitude 41,000 ft
Max baggage space 8.3 m3 of baggage space with total weight of approx. 1200 kg (30-50 standard suitcases) Technology 32 inch personal screens inside the suites, 2 x 42 inch screens in the lounge, Wi-Fi, Live TV, ice Entertainment System, mobile phone connectivity and video conferencing

Technical specifications

Overall length 33.84m Range 6,850km
Cabin length 23.78m MMO M0.82
Fuselage width 3.95m Max ramp weight 64.4 (75.9) tonnes
Max cabin width 3.70m Max take-off weight 64.0 (75.5) tonnes
Wing span (geometric) 34.10m Max landing weight 61 (62.5) tonnes
Height 11.76m Max zero fuel weight 57 (58.5) tonnes
Track 7.59m Max fuel capacity 24,210 (30,190) litres
Wheelbase 11.04m Engines 2

Ultimate Comfort

Arrive refreshed and relaxedSit back and relax as we take you on the ultimate exclusive flight. Luxury interiors, personal service and attention to the finer details place your comfort as our top priority and ensure you arrive at your destination feeling refreshed.


Your personal board room Attend to business on the move using the latest technology to stay in touch with the world. Let us convert your living space into your own personal board room to keep up with business as you fly.

Complete flexibility

Travel the world your own way Choose where and when you’d like to fly and personalise your travel experience right down to the choices on the menus. Customise the aircraft interior to suit the way you want to travel and enjoy the ultimate freedom of your exclusive flight.